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Platen’s Tagebücher are notable as the diary of an invert of high character and ideals. He could have done better by finding a way to make his ex (our lovely blogger) pay for the public shame game she tried to use to squeeze him. Breakfast was taken with clothes on and a very civilised end to the meeting came when Mike ran me home with Tony sitting in the back seat groping me. Don’t post that picture.

She began early, and was scarcely 19 now. Darwin, it must beremembered, was not a psychologist, and he lived before the methods ofcomparative psychology had begun to be developed; had he written twentyyears later we may be sure he would never have used so incautiously someof the vague and hazardous expressions I have quoted. In sixteenth-century Italy, a land of supreme elegance and fashion, superior even to France, the conditions were the same, and how little water found favor even with aristocratic ladies we may gather from the contemporary books on the toilet, which abound with recipes against itch and similar diseases.

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Rebecca looked at Eric, who had fully regained his erection, and he stood there with an almost wild look in his eyes.

‘Tis a very finenight,’ says he.

Or it may just be that men have traditionally grown into this role, and society has evolved to condition us this way over time.

The thought of my shaft embedded in the warm wetness that had prepared itself to receive me caused it to surge far more than the actual stimulation of it by her tongue.

In a case also occurring in a highly educated man (narrated by Marandon de Montyel) a doctor of laws, brilliantly intellectual and belonging to a family in which there had been some insanity, when at school at the age of 11, saw for the first time a schoolfellow whipped on the nates, and experienced a new pleasure and emotion.

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The afternoon sun was streaming through the high oak trees in her back garden, and Carol began to tell Shelley about a friend of hers who happened to live in the same town as Shelley. You cut to the point and yet were not obnoxious about it. The biggest thing he did was put his arm around her. Her eyes were pointed in my direction but it didn’t look like she was actually seeing anything. As to the prevalence of whipping in England evidence is furnished by Andrews, in the chapter on Whipping and Whipping Posts, in his book on ancient punishments.