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I shall have to exceed the limits of my subject in this chapter, for Ipropose showing the seeds from which, in the time of the Crusades, thenew soul of the European, throwing off the lethargy of the firstChristian millenary, began to grow with extraordinary vigour andrapidity; that new soul which experienced a wider, if not deeper,unfolding in the period of the Renascence, and to this day pervades andfertilises our spiritual life.

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When Ria had almost begun crying from laughter, Colin unhooked the tie and commanded her to roll over. Sante de Sanctis, who has investigatedthe dreams of many classes of people, remarks on the frequently sexualcharacter of the dreams of hysterical women, and the repercussion of suchdreams on the waking life of the following day; he gives a typical case ofhysterical erotic dreaming in an uneducated servant-girl of 23, in whomsuch dreams occur usually a few days before the menstrual period; herdreams, especially if erotic, make an enormous impression on her; in themorning she is bad-tempered if they were unpleasant, while she feelslascivious and gives herself up to masturbation if she has had eroticdreams of men; she then has a feeling of pleasure throughout the day, andher sexual organs are bathed with moisture.244 Pitres and Gilles de laTourette, two of Charcot’s most distinguished pupils, in their elaborateworks on hysteria, both consider that dreams generally have a greatinfluence on the waking life of the hysterical, and they deal with thespecial influence of erotic dreams, to which, doubtless, we must referthose conceptions of incubi and succubi which played so vast and soimportant a part in the demonology of the Middle Ages, and while notunknown in men were most frequent in women. She was already very close to cumming, Elena realized. If he engages with you, then he could be interested.

It must be remembered that at this time a dislike for men was being fostered in me by those who wanted me to marry, and this must have counted for more than I now remember. She saw my look and laughed, but her laugh was equally piteous to hear, and when she spoke again her voice had changed too, and was equally piteous.