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Under other circumstances men and women dance together with ardor, not forming couples but often vis-à-vis: their movements are lascivious. Hugos eyes were tightly shut as he forced the fluid down his throat amidst Jennys girlish giggling. On the other hand, had I written a merelypsychological treatise, disregarding the succession of periods, I shouldhave laid myself open to the just reproach of giving rein to myimagination instead of dealing with reality. What is the attitude to be maintained towards the too complaisant spouseof an honorable friend? This can onlybe done by becoming part and parcel of its manifestations.

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Pretending to sell some of her ornaments, furniture, or cookingutensils to a trader, who has been already tutored how to behave in thematter.

It’s a lonely path, sometimes.

After all, you know how it is: everything is going great and fine, but suddenly because of some trifle she completely stops to make contact and closes from you.

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