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It must be remembered that this custom is not Mohammedan in itsorigin, since it existed long previously among the Arabians, and isdescribed by Tertullian.43 In early Arabia very handsome men also veiledtheir faces, in order to preserve themselves from the evil eye, and it hasbeen conjectured with much probability that the origin of the custom ofwomen veiling their faces may be traced to this magico-religiousprecaution.44 Among the Jews of the same period, according toBüchler,45 the women had their heads covered and never cut their hair;to appear in the streets without such covering would be like a prostituteand was adequate ground for divorce; adulterous women were punished byuncovering their heads and cutting their hair. Laughing at April’s reaction, ‘Supergirl’ pumped the smooth glass in and out like a glass cock, forcing the effervescent liquid from the bottle. i, p. 416) pointed out thatthe presence or absence of the orgasm is the only factor in sexualanesthesia of which we can speak at all definitely; and he believed thatanaphrodism, in the sense of absence of the sexual impulse, never occursat all, many women having confided to him that they had sexual desires,although those desires were not gratified by coitus. Taboo by Northcote Thomas in Encyclopædia Britannica,eleventh edition, 1911.

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The same elusiveness, the same mocking mystery,meet us throughout when we seek to investigate the manifestations of thesexual impulse in women. Zmigrodzki (Die Mutter bei denVolkern des Arischen Stammes, p. 414 et seq.) Every now and again his thumb would reach the tip and gather up his precum, spreading it around the length of his shaft till the whole thing was well lubed.

It is gooddiscipline for them, and will serve in the long run to bring them morefavor and affection than any other course.

We focus on fixing “flaws” that men either don’t notice or don’t care about—usually related to physical appearance.

She could smell her fresh scent, so very near, and yet tortured herself by taking her time.

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“This early predominance of the sense of smell persists in most mammals (unless an aquatic mode of life interferes and deposes it: compare the Cetacea, Sirenia, and Pinnipedia, for example) even though a large neopallium develops to receive visual, auditory, tactile, and other impressions pouring into the forebrain.

All hereticaldemonstrations were rooted in a vague realisation of this contrast.