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42 In further illustration of this I have been told that among thecommon people there is often no feeling against connection with a womanper anum. Some things can be used all day, most can’t. What WAS she doing? Thus, the problem of human sexual selection is in the highest degreecomplicated. It is impossible to remain quitepassive for more than a few seconds, but, during these few, excitement isconsiderably augmented.

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One woman often enough isirrepressible; two (be the second her own mother) break the charm anassociation of women is the feeblest of forces.

And fortunately forhim,Women tacitly extol man’s greed: they will not be shared any more thanthey will share.

(Calmann remarks that he was careful to put his questions in an intelligible form.) Taking a deep breath, my body shuddered. We lived in different towns and I used to spend Sundays at her home. He may take for granted that any serious and precise study ofthe sexual instinct will not meet with general approval; his work will bemisunderstood; his motives will be called in question; among those forwhom he is chiefly working he will find indifference. In the case of the man who may have left the one woman of his ownaccord, and been driven away by the other, if he agrees to return to theformer and give her plenty of money beforehand, then he should beresorted to. She groaned hard until Jamal stopped.