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It may be added that a very similar appliance may be found in European countries (especially Germany) in the use of a condom furnished with irregularities, or a frill, in order to increase the woman’s excitement.

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213 Journal of the Anthropological Institute, August and November,1898, p. 107.

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A certain preciosity in the manner of this communication may be put down partly to the nature of the literary avocations with which the writer is by preference occupied, and partly, no doubt more fundamentally, to the special character of his predominantly esthetic temperament and attraction to the exotic.

I held on as long as possible.

As thesexual emotions become stronger, and as the lad leaves school or collegeto mix with men and women in the world, the instinct usually turns intothe normal channel, in which channel the instincts of the majority of boyshave been directed from the earliest appearance of puberty, if notearlier.

In the long journey ofevolution from Amoeba to Man,The masculine sex has developed muscle and mind;The feminine sex developed and perfected the emotions.

This book appears to have given origin to a large number of novels, some of which touched the question with considerable less affectation of propriety.