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All sorts of rare diseasessome of which I have not yet met with in the course of twenty-one years of a busy practicewere fully discussed, but we were left entirely ignorant of a subject so vitally important to me personally, and, as it seems to me, to the profession to which I aspired. This statement of the matter is somewhat too absolute and unqualified.

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Accordingly, onlythe filthy and ill-smelling foot is the sexual object in the perversionwhich corresponds to the foot fetichism. Butthe psychological analysis will always reveal it and solves the verycontradictory enigma of hysteria by proving the existence of thecontrasting pair, an immense sexual desire and a very exaggerated sexualrejection. Theseall British or Americanwere obtained privately; theyare not the inmates of prisons or of asylums, and in most cases they havenever consulted a physician concerning their abnormal instincts. It also occurs that in the heart of a man whom reality hasfailed to satisfy an ideal woman gradually wins life and shape.

That, more than anything had led to the revelation that she deserved the penitential life she was now living. I think the rough handling of myself during this final stage disturbed my nervous system, and caused me considerable pain and exhaustion at the back of my head, the spinal column, the back of my eyes, and a general feeling of languor, etc. In a word, they seem to be ‘born tired,’ begotten by parents who were tired, too. I held my cock down for her to slide on to. They also blacken the lashes (as Juvenal tells us the Roman ladies did) and mark the angles of the eye so that the fissure appears larger.”

We both know which reaction leads to unanswered phone calls and which leads to a smile on her face and the desire to rip your small sized clothes off.