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There were about 15 feet in the open that had to be traversed in order to reach the concealment of the van doors.

It is because the sexual orgasm is founded on a special adaptation andintensification of touch sensations that the sense of touch generally isto be regarded as occupying the very first place in reference to thesexual emotions.

It is certainly true that in its simpleform the odor of musk is not nowadays highly considered in Europe.

The Primitiveness of Smell.

Don’t call too often on the phone or give the other person an opportunity to get tired of you. As Whiskey puts it at whiskeysplace. There is also reason tosuppose that the nervous energy expended in an explosion of the tensionof the sexual organs may sometimes relieve the bladder; it is wellrecognized that a full bladder is a factor in producing sexual emissionsduring sleep, the explosive energy of the bladder being inhibited andpassing over into the sexual sphere. The atmosphere becomes lighter and both relax. Mantegazza mentions that a Lapland woman refused even for the sum of 150 francs to allow him to photograph her naked, though the men placed themselves before the camera in the costume of Adam for a much smaller sum. My impression was that their foul-mindedness deprived them of the consciousness of safety from coarse jests.

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