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The germ glands are really not the sexuality, and the experience withcastrated males only verifies what we had long before learned from theremoval of the ovaries, namely that it is impossible to do away with thesexual character by removing the germ glands.

fully describes and discusses the dances, bonfires and festivals of spring and summer, of Halloween (October 31), and Christmas.

The most fundamental principles ofolfactory physiology and psychology are still somewhat vague anduncertain. He maintained that the sexual instinct is a function of the brain, not of the sexual organs. AndMany are the men who have puzzled long and painfully over the motives ofa woman’s ‘No.’

As already stated, gain is of three kinds, and loss, which is opposed togain, is also of three kinds.

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There the longing which had becomeso vast that it had outgrown the earth, would be stilled.

(“It is a pity that I cannot kiss myself,” might be attributedto it.) 171 Homosexual persons generally, male and female, unlike theheterosexual, are apt to feel more modesty with persons of the same sexthan with those of the opposite sex. Rend hired black and white workers in large numbers, despite violent threats from white miners in neighboring towns. “Humanity kneels at Thy feet, for thecomfort of the wretched, the release of the prisoners, the delivery ofthe condemned, the salvation of the countless sons of Adam depend on aword from Thy lips.

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